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Second Life™

About ONLY

ONLY was established in 1995 as a part of the BESTSELLER group. From the beginning, the vision of ONLY was to dominate the fashion industry with amazing fits, affordable styles, and simply great denim. More than 25 years later, ONLY has turned into a complete Brand House and one of the leading denim brands in Europe.

Our Partnership

The integration of sustainable design thinking is essential for constructing systems or procedures that mitigate environmental impact and material selection is a big part of that! Through our partnership, we are empowered to utilize eco-friendly cotton in crafting genuinely sustainable denim. Envision a future where your jeans not only last longer but can also be recycled into new jeans once more.

Second Life Journey

Second Life is a brand of recycled cotton products under Soorty Enterprises, made from recycling old denim. We offer innovative solutions for denim-to-denim and circular textile manufacturing.

Haelixa: Our Traceability Partner

Second Life has partnered with the Haelixa's DNA solution for ensured transparency in the supply-chain. This enables us to mark, trace, & authenticate Second Life Products-from early stages of yarn making all the way to the retail floor.

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