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Second Life™

Our Process

The Vertical Set-up. Leading with Agility

All our facilities are in-house, allowing us to quickly adapt and achieve high quality standards for our customers.

Quick Decision Making

We possess the capability to make swift and effective strategic decisions throughout the supply chain, ensuring seamless product customization for our customers. As a result, our clients can experience timely order fulfillment, and 3 the lead time is significantly reduced. By optimizing the utilization and calculation of resources in production, we also minimize production waste.


The latest technology enables us to achieve uniform spinning of short regenerated recycled fiber.


We utilize various high-tech testing instruments to provide multiple test reports of the yarn.


This process aids our customers in obtaining valuable insights into the strength, length, elasticity, and other essential parameters of their product, leading to a better understanding of its characteristics and performance.

The Yarn Advantage

Second Life is fully integrated with a state-of-the-art modern spinning set up.

Post-Consumer Waste

The eco-system of Pakistan's secondhand clothing business.

Feedstock Edge

Second Life uses True Waste- this is clothes at the bottom most rung of the waste hierarchy, the garment which could not be re-sold, repaired or even up-cycled and was destined for landfills. This is possible due to our dedicated waste procurement experts that source the globe for real waste.

Up-cycle, Regenerative Fiber, Repurposed denim, Modularity, Environmentally conscious denim
Post-Industrial Waste

12% of industrial waste either ends in landfills or is removed from the production process completely.

Up-cycle, Regenerative Fiber, Repurposed denim, Modularity, Environmentally conscious denim
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