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Recycled Cotton, regenerative fiber, Post-consumer waste Post industrial waste.  Denim Recycling, Circular, Repurposed denim

Second Life™

Our Story

What We Do Differently
Recycled Cotton, regenerative fiber, Post-consumer waste Post industrial waste.  Denim Recycling, Circular, Repurposed denim


Empowering sustainable denim fashion.



Our mission is to transform the fashion industry by producing premium denim products through innovative recycling methods. With a strong commitment to sustainability, we aim to minimize environmental impact and promote a circular economy, while inspiring individuals to embrace ethical fashion choices that contribute to an eco-conscious future.

Who we are
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Symbolized by the cotton bud, the worlds preferred raw material for denim and textile production. Combined with a rising star, we represent excellence and rebirth because we believe in revitalization of the planet and the industry, and paving a new way for a bright, sustainable future.

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“For the dawn arises from the blood of a hundred thousand stars”

Allama Iqbal, Pakistani poet and philosopher


Asad Soorty
Director of Soorty Enterprises

Director’s Message

Second Life’s story begins with the vision of the Soorty family to revolutionize the cotton industry. 5000 years ago, the first cotton garments were produced here in the very land that hosts Second Life’s facilities, along the banks of the River Indus. Till today, cotton is grown in abundance here, and it is here that the cotton industry is undergoing groundbreaking transformation.

Cotton production has tremendous impact on natural resources. Land, water are excessively utilized and mixed with chemicals to mass produce cotton. After these garments are worn-out, those efforts and  jeans never make it back to the production process, being left to decompose overtime in landfills.

Second Life is an evolution. We are learning from the innovative practices of our clients, and denim consumer around the world. The Soorty family has changed everything about conventional denim manufacturing, from robotic cutting systems, waterless bleaching, reusing dye and upgrading facilities to the level of LEED Platinum. Now it is time we channel our energies to changing the use of fiber.

We are saying yes to a circular future. To a future of infinite possibilities, fashioned from the re-use of finite materials. Ultimately, we are saying yes to a balanced planet that can sustain life effortlessly. The Earth has no chance if things don’t change. Second Life, is part of the solution, which gives Earth a second chance.

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