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Denim jacket made with recycled textile waste.

Second Life™

Our Products


Second Life utilizes advanced technology to produce high-quality recycled fibers and customizable yarns. We are able to cater needs in a wide array of options — eg. spun dyed, ready for open end fabrics and more.

Post consumer waste (PCW) recycled denim fiber.


Post Consumer Waste:

Clothing waste generated by customers that is no longer wanted & usable

Post industrial waste (PIW) recycled denim, ginned and ready for spinning.


Post Industrial Waste:

Waste generated by producers - scraps, trimmings etc.

Stack of discarded jeans.
Post-Consumer Waste (PCW)

Our PCW test reports confirm that our cotton fiber parameters are leading the industry benchmark.

Comparison Report of PCW (Blue)
10-s CD WVG Plain
Asset 88_4x.png
Scraps of discarded jeans being shredded and transformed into fiber form to be repurposed.
Post-Industrial Waste (PIW)

Our PIW test reports confirm that our cotton fiber parameters are setting the industry benchmark.

Asset 109_4x.png
Comparison Report of PIW (White)
10-s CD WVG Plain
Asset 87_4x.png
Making new fiber from old, discarded jeans to be used in new clothing.
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